Michael D'Anniballe - New York State Licensed Guide, Head Guide, Founder Hike With Mike


My first memory of hiking is from when I was around ten years old.  It was a short hike along the Appalachian Trail near my house.  The thing I remember the most is the feeling that this new place was endless.  Around every turn was a new world to experience and explore, a new discovery that I could share with my companions.

I always spent time outdoors as a kid before and after this first outing but the course of my life was changed one afternoon, traversing the exposed ridge toward the summit of Maine's Mount Katahdin (coincidentally the northern end of the very trail from my first hike).  The exhilaration of pushing myself beyond my perceived physical and psychological limitations in the company of an ambitious and reassuring friend showed me a new path.

In more than a decade since that hike I have lived in six states all over America and have constantly been chasing that same feeling.  Whether it be backcountry skiing in Utah, interpreting the natural and cultural context for visitors in Chiricahua National Monument in Arizona or guiding clients on day hikes and backpacking trips in New York's Adirondack State Park, I have led a life directed to sharing one of a kind outdoor experiences with friends and strangers alike.

Hike With Mike is  the next step in my relationship with the outdoors; it is a synthesis of my own love for the outdoors and the joy I get sharing that love with others.  I have my own wealth of experience, a three year apprenticeship with New York City's top adventure company, a New York State Outdoor Guide License and I am ready to share all of these with you in an unparalleled outdoor experience.

So please, Come Along With Us as we bring you to the places we treasure as sanctuaries and share our love and passion for the relationships and memories that come out of these experiences.

Lisa Pickering - Assistant Guide, Co-Founder

 Gertrude's Nose

Gertrude's Nose

This picture represents pretty much everything I love about hiking, the open sky on the edge of a rocky cliff with immense space and beauty around me.  My name is Lisa and I am social media manager, main photographer, head cook and co-founder of Hike With Mike.  I made up all those titles but they're all true.  I am from Plattsburgh, NY and moved down to the Hudson Valley when I went to college in New Paltz and it has been my home ever since.  

Growing up in Plattsburgh I was outside a lot.  From my back woods to the river down the road and of course up in the Adirondack Mountains.  My first hike ever was Mount Poke-O-Moonshine with my dad when I was about 12.  I wish I could say from that moment on I was hooked but I didn't start really getting into it until I met Mike when I was around 26.  He took me snowshoeing up Mount Beacon and I thought I was going to die.  Mount Beacon is steep enough, when you add feets of snow it's a killer.  That didn't hook me either I'm sorry to say...but later we went on some non-snowy trips that definitely changed the way I spend my free time.

We've gone to so many amazing, beautiful places and deciding to open up our own business just seemed natural.  Our main goal is to share our experiences with others.  We want people to enjoy an awesome day of hiking, whether it be one mile or ten miles, provide them with delicious food (made by me) and maybe end the day at a local hot spot, reflecting upon where they just were.  So come along with us...