The Hudson Valley is an amazing place to live for many reasons but especially if you love the outdoors.  We couldn't possibly begin to name all the awesome hiking trails, abandoned ruins, caves and other wonders of nature.  One such luxury of this area is the amount of beautiful and awe inspiring waterfalls you can see in just one day.  

Minnewaska State Park is one of the best places to do this.  One of our favorite locations in the park is Stony Kill Falls, or Shaft 2A as it is sometimes referred.  This lessor known, lessor populated waterfall is worth the trip alone.  You feel like you are in the middle of nowhere but after a short walk through the woods you find yourself at the base of an amazing waterfall.  Once you soak in the splendor a the bottom of the falls you can climb up to the top and really see some spectacular views.  

It is easy to spend all day at this amazing spot but we usually make our way back to the main part of the park to check another splendid site, Awosting Falls.  The pictures really speak for themselves.  The hike is mild and geared more towards the beauty and splendor of what you are seeing.  Of course, snacks are always provided.  

Check out one of our friend's Vlogs from our Shaft2A hike last summer