Day Hikes

Day Hikes from all day excursions with ambitious summits to afternoon walks through the forest.

  •  Typically our day hikes are in locations that allow us to maximize the time in the woods and minimize the time in transit. They are, for the most part, conveniently located within walking distance to local train stations for NYC'ers and very easy to drive to if you have personal transportation. For certain hikes farther from the river, a ride from train stations can be arranged with no problem. All of our day hikes include a nutricious, delicious mid-hike snack and opportunity to sample some local food and beverage hot spots!
  • Some day hikes are more ambitious in scope and require early meet times, later return times and are more travel intensive. For these hikes we can meet at the trailhead if you have your own transportation or a ride fro ma local train station can be arranged.
  • Metro Series These are specially designed category of hikes that is specifically geared toward NYC'ers who rely exclusively on public transportation. For these trips  we will give you a departure time from GCT,  the name of your disembarking station and meet you there or for those less confident with the rail system, we can arrange to meet you at GCT in the morning and take the ride up the beautiful Hudson with you! From the station, we will walk to the trailhead, hike and then get you back to the station for the ride home. The beauty of this is not just its simplicity, but that it can be a learning experience for future adventures of your own!

Overnight Trips

Camping Trips that push your boundaries and increase your depth of contact with nature. Simple overnights at man-made structures to multi-night trips through the wilderness under the stars in tents


Fitness Hikes

Fitness Hikes that burn hundreds of calories in a few short hours without an all day commitment