A lot of times folks hear the name Breakneck Ridge and get a certain image in their head, though it is almost always different. For some the image is of crowds lining up to climb the boulders, slabs and cracks and trash filled trails. For others the image is of a beautiful adult playground with endless possibility for exploration, discovery and challenge. We would like to share our unique perspective on this location with all of you.

Breakneck was one of my very first "real" hikes and is one of the main reasons I am a guide today and while I admit that on the weekends it can get quite busy, it does not take away from the amazing experience waiting to be had. 

The most striking thing about this adventure is its contrast; the first part of the day involves a steep scramble up the side of a cliff with constant, breathtaking views up and down the Hudson River that get more panoramic with every step and the second half of the hike finds us in thick woods surrounded by the abandoned buildings, roads and ruins of the Cornish Estate.

This hike is steep and challenging, we have designed it for those of you who want to put your fitness and courage to the test. That being said, we are always willing to guide those who are motivated to push their limits both physically and mentally!