Lisa's Ledge

Yesterday was a momentous day for Hike With Mike.  We had our very first hike ever!!  It was an awesome day with friends, old and new.  We decided that there was no better place to go on our first trip than to our very favorite hiking spot, Breakneck Ridge.  A short drive from where we live in Beacon, we consider this one of the best spots to hike on the East Coast.  It is a unique and memorable place that we love introducing to people.  There is no other place quite like it.  You immediately start with an exciting rock scramble, followed by a descent into the woods where you get to traverse through the ruins of the Cornish Estate which are over one hundred years old.  There is something beautiful and surreal about getting this look into the past.  It is a hike that although difficult, I have seen just about every type of person you could imagine accomplish the ascent to the top. 

Once at the highest peak we stopped for some much needed calories, some cheese and pepperoni, homemade hummus and homemade cookies.  And by homemade, I mean that I made them so they were delicious.  The weather was perfect; we enjoyed the sunshine and beat the rain.  Afterwards we stopped by our favorite after hike hang-out for a pitcher of beer and much needed relaxation after an exerting afternoon. 

I personally have had many memorable moments hiking on Breakneck Ridge and this will rank up there with them.  It was a great day that we got to share with some great people.  Our next hike is a more mellow trek into the woods we are planning for September 14th.  I look forward to having more memorable days like yesterday. 

Oh and check out our pics in the gallery…..