Lisa's Lane

I forgot how much I loved the outdoors until I met Mike.  From our very first date snowshoeing up Mt. Beacon, to our typical Sunday, which includes leisurely hiking anywhere from The Hudson Highlands to Minnewaska State Park, we have experienced an enormous amount of fun, met interesting and exciting individuals and seen some amazing places. 

I'm from upstate New York; I was surrounded by The Adirondacks and nature was a constant part of my life growing up.  I was outside all of the time roaming the woods, climbing trees, meandering through streams or just playing on massive mounds of dirt.  As I got older and moved away I forgot about those simple things; real life kind of got in the way. 

For me the outdoors now represents many things. The ultimate escape from reality, when I need a break from my immediate situation.  It is the best kind of stress reliever when work or life gets too complicated; a peaceful retreat from chaos.  I also believe that the outdoors is a better resource than the gym to get my fitness on.  It is a challenge, a way to push my boundaries and limits farther than I believed possible.  And of course for me the outdoors also represents fun, plain and simple. It represents an idea that the world is endless and full of things that are good and meaningful. 

Mike made me remember how if feels to be outside.  It's a feeling I don't want to forget again and one we both want to share with other people.  Come along with us, it's definitely worth the trip.