Harriman Springtime Jamboree!

Come Explore Harriman With Hike With Mike!

As part of the Explore Harriman Springtime Jamboree, Hike With Mike, a local Hudson Valley outdoor guiding outfit, is offering a free guided hike  exploring both the natural and human history inside of Harriman State Park. 

Our two and a half hour excursion on the Iron Mines Short Loop will take us past some breathtaking glacial erratics, left behind by the melting and receding ice fields that helped give shape to Harriman State Park and much of the surrounding terrain. After a few miles we will take a short and careful stop at the remnants of Pine Swamp Mine to explore the human impact and influence on the landscape. Although the human impact on the land is unmistakable, we always find it amazing how quickly nature is able to reestablish itself in our absence. The trail is rated easy-to-moderate and we welcome folks of all ages and abilities to join us.

The 14th should be a perfect day for exploring our surroundings as spring has finally sprung with the promise of lush, green leaves and maybe even some wildflower sightings if we are lucky; regardless of these factors we are always excited to hit the trail and share the woods with eager new friends.

Keeping with the spirit of the Springtime Jamboree, we will be indulging in some of the local community's "Healthy Home Cooking" at Mia's Kitchen in Suffern after the hike. For around $10 per person, depending on your pleasure, we will recharge our batteries the right way with delicious local fare that is sure to please. 

Our journey is scheduled to begin promptly at 10:30 AM on Saturday May 14th at the Lake Skannatati parking area 0.7 miles beyond the Kanawauke Circle. For complete directions from Route 17, please refer to the New York/New Jersey Trail Conference link above. We hope to be done hiking between 1:00 and 1:30 PM, depending on how much time we spend exploring and while the trip to Mia's Kitchen is not mandatory, it is certainly guide-recommended, I personally have my eyes on the chicken panini featured on their homepage.

Please feel free to get in touch with us at HikeWithMikeNY@gmail.com if you have any questions or concerns regarding the hike. Hope to see you all out there to celebrate the joys of the outdoors as we Explore Harriman!

Lisa's Love of Life

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year.  Ever since I was little I loved when the leaves would change color and even more when they would all fall off the trees and I would rake them up (or make my dad do it) and jump in them.  I have fond memories of the house I grew up in always being decked out for the season with decorative corn, scarecrows, and pumpkins and always smelling delicious.  I still love eating apples and drinking hot apple cider (especially now with Bourbon in it).  I enjoy pretty much any food involving pumpkins as well as actually carving them.  And who doesn't love Halloween and Thanksgiving?  So much to enjoy and partake in.  That is why we are so excited to do a lot of hiking in the Autumn.  On our last trip, the Fahnestock Ramble, you could tell the seasonal transition was barely starting.   On Sunday, September 28th we are venturing to Bear Mountain and I am hoping the process will be further along.  Either way, the hike should be exciting and beautiful.  Mike has hiked all around Bear Mountain State Park but I have actually never done any hiking there.  I have however, enjoyed the wonders that are Oktoberfest....beer, Bratwurst and polka after an exerting hike...it doesn't get much better.  The atmosphere there is super friendly and fun, everyone is enjoying themselves and it is absolutely worth checking out.  However, if you truly want to enjoy a stein of beer at Bear Mountain it will just be impossible if you don't come along and hike with us first....seriously.